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I love briefs!

I love briefs!

This won't be my last swap!

I registered with briefsmania because I love briefs. I'm into white fly front briefs and tighty whities, like Jockey, CK, FTL, Hanes etc. As briefs like this are particularly difficult to find in Denmark, I usually buy them online in Germany and the UK.

Over the past few years the thought of wearing another mans tighty whities has become increasingly hot to me. It adds something extra to the sexiness of a pair of briefs that you just can't get when buying them new. Therefore, of course one of the FIRST groups I joined as a member of was BRIEFS SWAPS ;-)

Y-frontsfan in Jockey briefsFrom then on it was a matter of searching for other group members also into tighty whities and also being compatible with my own waist size, which is small-medium. At some point I made contact with the man I've been swapping with - I don't remember who made the first move, but we chatted about swapping and I think both of us were 'turned on' by the whole concept of wearing anoter blokes briefs.

We then exchanged email addresses and came up with suggestions of what to send to each other. I suggested some ribbed Jockey Y-Fronts that I've had for over five yars + some JBS fly front briefs - it's a Danish brand. (Needless to say that in this process of discussions, I had to wank myself quite a few times ;-) ). I then got hold of a big enough envelope and packed my briefs ... off they went from Denmark to the UK. It was a bit sad to part with them - but I'm very confident their new owner will treat them just as well as I have done!

I went to the post office to post my briefs - and now I'm waiting with anticipation!

Well, I'm still waiting for my swap-box to arrive - I understand it was posted from the UK last thursday. Hopefully my "new" briefs will turn up on my doorstep some time next week. I don't think this will be my last swapping experience at

The other side of the story coming soon!

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Comments (14)

  • Curiousnow

    16 August 2019 at 23:22 | #

    I haven't worn Y-fronts for years. Very tempting.


  • brieftouch

    02 May 2016 at 12:54 | #

    Last time I traded briefs was 9 years ago. I've sold lots on ebay. But I would love to do trade. My dream trade would be face to face but thats just me dreaming.


  • mandrake

    03 May 2015 at 14:27 | #

    Very hot m8, thanks for hard just reading about it!


  • briefsdaddy

    18 February 2015 at 21:49 | #

    Some guy's well-seasoned white briefs would be amazing to wear. Such fun to fantasize about all that history behind every indulgent moment!


  • Godden

    13 September 2014 at 09:06 | #

    The very idea of wearing someone else's briefs is quite a turn on I must say. You can only imagine the history that comes with them. can;t wait to start myself.


  • tommysbrieda

    21 July 2014 at 01:51 | #

    I grew up wearng jockey white y-fronts and didn't know othwise to colleg e n bot lots of others....but still luv tighty whities the most.......have a huge drawer full other white briefs...all brands.....but get the best boners w/ jockies still!!!!


    • jockeysboy

      01 December 2014 at 05:35 | #

      im with you, went from diapers to jockey y fronts and have loved them all my l;ife, love wearing other guys jockeys too, still get hornyiest wearing and wanking in jockey y,s


      • ti

        31 March 2016 at 12:30 | #

        hey jockey boy I have several pairs of jockey and other brands
        colored and may have a few white
        love to swap with u
        email me


  • briefsfanman

    28 June 2014 at 20:28 | #

    Great article Y-Frontsfan, I'm sure it must have been a real turn on seeing him in your briefs - definite w*** material. Thanks for sharing your experience of swapping.


    • Y-frontsfan

      29 June 2014 at 14:28 | #

      Well, thank you Briefsfanman. I'm only happy that you like hearing about my first swapping experience ..... only glad to share ;-) Of course I also hope it will help getting more swaps to find place. Have you ever swapped briefs yourself? It's GREAT fun, belive me ;-)


  • Morten

    27 June 2014 at 13:30 | #

    Well, thank you Briefslad for making this swap possible at all. Fuck, it's GOOD hanging around in another blokes Y's ;-) Looking very much forward to YOUR side of the story Briefsman15!


  • Briefslad

    27 June 2014 at 08:34 | #

    Yes and I'll be posting your side of the story VERY soon :0) Thanks soooooo much for sharing your experience with us ;0)


  • Briefsman15

    27 June 2014 at 00:00 | #

    This guy knows how to write such sexy horny comments...........I should know as its me who has been swapping with him so go on guys get swapping :-)


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