"Devoted exclusively for men that prefer briefs!"


What's it all about I hear you ask?

Briefsmania.com is a site completely dedicated to guys who prefer briefs as their choice of style for underwear… no boxers, trunks or boxerbriefs, in fact anything remotely resembling any kind of 'shorts' of any description. 

To be honest, if you prefer that look, you can find this virtually anywhere on the net … but sorry guys, not here!

For years I've looked for a site that is dedicated to us 'briefs' lovers and never found one that is totally for us …. yes, there are some damn good underwear related websites out there, but nothing that is completely for us!

Hopefully that's changed, now that briefsmania.com is "on-Line"!

Things change!

This has been a labour of love for me and has been something I've had in mind to do for years, but never had the resources. Well, circumstances changed and even though it's taken time, in fact a lot longer than I'd anticipated, the site is up and running and has been since 2012!

We've come a long way since starting off using 'blogspot' in 2009!

I seriously can not believe how the site has taken off, more so since we added briefsbook.com. I find it unbelievable just how many of us there are out there, or as I've affectionately christened you... 'briefs-ters'.

Briefsmania.com is and always will be a hobby. It took a lot longer than expected to go live, what with fitting the site build around a busy working schedule and hopefully always will be free, even though it's bloody expensive to run and upkeep a website, what with hosting and software costs. However briefsbook.com is locked off to members only!

Things change!

How do to I get involved?

That's an easy answer...

Keep checking back and hopefully you'll see the site grow and NOW you can join briefsbook.com which will give you access to all members areas.

So there we go... that's what briefsmania.com is … and now briefsbook.com!

Oh and one last thing, if any of you out there would like to play an even bigger part in briefsmania.com, i'd be more than happy to work with any fellow 'briefs' bloggers to help keep the site alive, up-to-date and dare I say it …. in the forefront of a briefs/underwear related websites. Click here to find out more.

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