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Do you prefer to wear briefs rather than horrible saggy boxers, or uncomfortable boxer briefs that offer no support whatsoever!

Are you a big briefs fan?

Do you love to discovering new brands of underwear?

Have you ever tried to convert a Boxer Briefs wearer to Briefs?

Maybe you’ve tried to get your friends to ditch the undies sold in six packs for something better?

Do your friends come to you for your opinion before they buy underwear?

Do you have a fair few pairs of underwear and have to find creative storing solutions?

Are you a Twitter addict who shares their new underwear on their social media accounts or maybe follow a few brands facebook pages/twitter accounts?

A team player who loves working with other underwear lovers?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then maybe, you’re the kind of guy we're looking for to join us and help out.

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Contribute to

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, st8 or bi everyone’s welcome to contribute!

Briefsmania is here for all guys that like to wear Briefs, Jockstraps, Y-Fronts anything that isn’t ugly and uncomfortable Boxer Briefs or a saggy pair of Boxers or indeed anything related.

We’d love guys to contribute interesting articles related to their love of Briefs, Y-Fronts, Jocks, Thongs and don’t forget Speedo’s or maybe a story. Something you maybe remember from years back that you’d love to get down in to words and share with all your fellow ‘briefsters’, or maybe you’re a budding writer and would like to test out a short story or two, or even a longer story, you’d like to split up into weekly or monthly posts.

Seriously the options are endless. As long as it’s briefs related, we’re interested to hear from you!

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We really want to make the site even more popular than what it is now! So we’d like to hear from guys who:

  • Have a distinct point of view on their own underwear or anyone else’s for that matter,
  • Are open to try new brands and styles, we may have a review we’d like you to do!
  • Help us build on new ideas for the websites, briefsmania and briefsbook.
  • Maybe even lead new project ideas and have fun whilst doing it.
  • Help us promote the sites through social media.
  • Show passion for wearing briefs rather than boxers through the website and interact with our readers.

You don’t have to be a journalist, just a passion to put your thoughts in to words and if you’d prefer we can always look through your article first before we publish!

If this interests you then please fill out our form:

Application Form

Or you can email us with the following information.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • How long you have loved briefs over boxers
  • Favorite Styles/Brands
  • In a few words tell us why you think we should consider you to join us at briefsmania/briefsbook?

Creativity is a Plus!

Our readers range from gay to str8 with a variety of interests plus you’ll also become great friends with other briefsters!

What could be better!

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