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XTG A-Front Briefs

XTG A-Front Briefs

'Skull & Cross Bones' and 'Love' Briefs

The same as a lot of my underwear, these are nice and stretchy having an 8% Lycra mix and are very nice and comfy. The Lycra making them soft enough to forget your wearing them and stretchy enough to not exactly hide what's up front, but hey, who care's, that's the fun bit, lol.  Plus talking about fun, they are kind'a fun to wear, especially if I ever 'get caught with my pants down", they certainly make a few heads turn with the tattoo patterns on the back of them, again, that's the fun of 'em, lol.

Being an A-front brief there's not exactly the same amount of room upfront for your junk as say, the CK Steel briefs, but I still like them and as they say, "a change is as good as a rest" and when I fancy a change from all my CK Steel briefs I own, they're a great choice!

XTG A-Front Briefs

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  • Briefsman15

    21 January 2016 at 01:18 | #

    They are really cool looking briefs.........think I must be on the change!


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