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DMX Low Rise Brief

DMX Low Rise Brief

Anatomically Fit Collection

At the start of the year I ran a story reporting on a new underwear brand called DMX-GEAR and low and behold a few months later I had an email from their founder asking if I would like to review a few of their products.

Me being me I could hardly say no!

A few weeks later I received a nice little package containing three of their products from the “Anatomically Fit Collection”, the Low Rise Brief, the Jock and lastly the “Grey Sports Briefs” all packaged in nice little clear plastic wallets, along with an A5 Catalogue and a key ring.

Very impressive on the presentation and marketing front I must say.

However, one very small detail had gone wrong, even though they had asked me for all my details including what waist size I would like, somewhere the communication had broken down and they had sent me all three review products in the  “SMALL” size!

Oh HOW disappointed was I …

Three pairs of NEW underwear staring me in the face and I couldn’t wear one of them!

Emailing back, they couldn’t apologise enough and a week or so later I had another package arrive with new sizes, with another A5 catalogue and another key ring, but unfortunately only two pairs of underwear to review.

This time sadly they didn’t send what I thought was the most exciting product, the “Sports Brief”. Although in the catalogue for whatever reason they are referred to as ‘Bikini”.

Personally I think they should have stuck with the “Sports Brief” description.

The first pair I’ve taken for a test run is the Low Rise Brief from the “Anatomically Fit Collection”.  DMX-GEAR supplied the grey version that sports a fantastic neon green waistband with white DMX-GEAR lettering, although I think the lettering should really have been in black for the name to stand out more.

Other options from this line include, Black with a bright yellow waistband and black lettering, White with a neon orange waistband and black lettering and finally a Blue version sporting a Black waistband with green lettering.

The material is nice and soft with a 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex mix, so quite stretchy, which as all the ‘briefsters’ know who read my blog, I love stretchy underwear.

The cut and style is quite nice, pretty standard, but I have to say the more I’ve worn these the more I like them and I have to point out one major plus on these …. I have got very bored lately of these “Anatomically” fitting underwear for men. When they first came out I was OK with them, but never thought that they looked very flattering, so I was a bit perturbed with the name of this range being the “Anatomically Fit Collection” thinking it would be another pair of briefs where your junk basically “hung” in a material pouch at the front.


Well I’m pleased to report that even though these are from a range called the “Anatomically Fit Collection” they do not have that awful excess pouch, everything just fits VERY nicely indeed into a well design front area of the brief …. I’m WELL IMPRESSED!

The styling on the seat is nicely done too. The cut creates a nice looking backside with leg openings that hug and frame your butt cheeks.

If I had to say one negative about these it would be the colour, grey is a bit boring. I love the neon waistband, a great feature that shines out above your jeans and displays the brand superb, let’s hope that in the future DMX-GEAR offers some bold bright colours as well as the more conservative Blacks and Greys!

I’ve worn these a few times now and I have to say they are really comfortable and to be completely honest, they are much more comfortable than I thought they were going to be. For some reason when I opened the packaging I thought these were rather dull and I’d wear them once.

I like to be proven wrong when it comes to underwear …. and DMX-GEAR have definitely proved that this is the case.

Guys if you like your briefs to be pretty standard but with a little hint of boldness and excitement and yet comfortability being your main reason for making a choice then 100% definitely give these a try.

Make sure you visit their website to see their new collection in full.

Seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

I love them!

UPDATE:  I've realised that DMX actually have two website an english version that has these basic colours, but as they are one the biggest online retailers in the region of the Czech Republic and Slovakia for men's underwear, they also have thier main website which is not translated to English, but seems to have a few other choices in colours ... so maybe the brighter colours are on their way!

DMX Low Rise Brief

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