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Beckham's white cliffs

Beckham's white cliffs

Posing in only his underwear.

Our White Cliffs of Dover here in England are now no longer just associated with the singing of Dame Vera Lynn!  As they recently become synonymous with 'Golden Balls' himself David Beckham and will now be more remembered by the younger generation for David's H&M 'Bodywear' underwear collection.

"There'll be briefs on, The white cliffs of Dover ...
Tomorrow, Just you wait and see!"

Huge images of David Beckham were recently projected onto The White Cliffs of Dover, which are a major part of the British coastline and a huge tourist attraction facing the Strait of Dover and France.

“Tourists flying into the country for the Olympics would have seen the footie hero posing topless in only his smalls on the iconic landmark,” The Sun reported.

An H&M representative also told The Sun, “We’ve never worked with such big briefs.” True, but they’ve definitely used huge portraits of Beckham to sell his H&M underwear before. The soccer star was seen earlier this year plastered on the side of a building in Manhattan, New York.

Either way at least we see David in briefs again along with the obligatory boxers images.

I have a couple of pairs of the David Beckham Bodywear briefs and I gotta' say, I think they're great and really comfortable, but let's face it guys, he hasn't really designed them himself and they're actually not much different to other A Front briefs you can buy virtually anywhere!

But they are nice and stretchy and very comfortable!

Beckham's white cliffs

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