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Andrew Christian GLOW

Andrew Christian GLOW

GLOW sticks NOT included!

Show us your PANT's and GLOW! Andrew Christian's on the case again and his latest release is the GLOW collection, underwear that glows in the dark when under black/fluorescent light.

Some of the underwear is a full neon yellow colour which will glow under black light and other items in the collection include neon stitching or neon piping details which give a subtle glow in the dark. Andrew Christian has added some of his best-selling technology to some of the items. There are also a couple of briefs in the collection that have been combined with the technology:

Almost Naked Brief

First off is The 'Almost Naked brief'. This is an anatomically correct brief which includes a front pouch that lets you naturally hang free, providing you with more space at the front, reducing sticking, squashing, chafing, re-adjusting and anything else that may annoy you. Available in neon yellow or navy with neon trims that'll 'GLOW in the dark'.

The Show-It brief

Secondly 'The Show-It brief'. This brief is an enhancing push-up underwear that includes a u-shaped piece of material in the front pouch which gently lifts the package upwards and outwards to increase the front profile size by up 1.5 inch. The briefs provide lift, support and enhancement and by moving the package away from the body, they should hopefully be less sticky and sweaty and to finish off with they are also tagless – so no itchy, scratchy tags. Available in black or aqua the briefs have neon trims that 'GLOW in the dark'.

Treat yourself!

Pop over to NOW guys and grab yourself a pair as I reckon there won't be many 'Briefsters' out there that won't want a pair ... or maybe even two!

I think they're pretty damn kewl and luckily enough the guys at VOCLA are supplying a pair for us to review ...

So keep you eyes peeled for that one. :0)


UPDATE: Here's my first of 2 reviews "GREAT PANTS" the LIMITED EDITION Bulge Enhancing Tagless Brief with NEON stitching!

Andrew Christian GLOW

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