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A new UK retailer of designer men’s underwear

The other day I was contacted by a completely new and by me at least, an as yet un-heard-of Mens Underwear on line store,

After emailing one another and accepting to do a couple of reviews for them I decided I would like to devote a page to telling all you undies guys out there all about them, especially everyone here in the UK as it's a BIG bonus for us …

The frustrations of purchasing posh pants

We now have another mens underwear outlet here in the UK to buy our pants from and this one is carrying some pretty kewl brands guys, like Andrew Christian, 2[X]ist and Timoteo to name a few ... that can be pretty hard to find here in the UK, especially the more recent ranges that seem to be popping up so frequently in the USA. Plus they're adding new names all the time!

The guys at VOCLA told me the same story that probably many of us here in the UK have experienced, a frustration of purchasing pants like Aussiebum directly from Aussiebum in Australia and then weeks later being sent a bill for the import duty and admin charges  resulting in a bill totalling almost as much as the undies themselves, although completely not the fault of Aussiebum or any other manufacturer outside of the UK. It seemed to them that if you lived in the USA, Australia or some European countries, there were web-sites and shops that held global brands all in one place, making it easy to purchase and you got your underwear quickly without being hit with import duties.

Here In the UK, men’s underwear is still very much hidden away at the back of a department store (with the exception of a couple of dedicated stores in London and Manchester) and even then it tends to be the same old brands turned out. So they wanted to set-up a site that sold mainly niche brands that are not readily available on the high street and by selling them in the UK, the customer avoided all the costs of import duty and administrative charges and can buy them easier and get them faster.

Happy Birthday VOCLA!

Having researched for at least the previous 15 months , VOCLA was conceived in January 2012 with an online eBay store going live March 2012 followed a few months down the line in July, which happened to be the same day of the 2012 Olympics starting with an official bespoke web-site ... so they are almost one year old …. Happy Birthday VOCLA!

Starting out with a small selection of Addicted, D&G, 2(X)ist and dt brands then having Andrew Christian following in the September. VOCLA now holds almost all of the Addicted collection and are reportedly to be one of the largest retailers of the Addicted brand in Europe! Plus they hope to have the complete Andrew Christian range of underwear by the end of the year, but are continually adding the new AC collections, colours and Limited Editions as they are released.

Lastly PIPE came on board in January of this year with SAUL Homme following in the next couple of months not to mention another few brands they also have lined up after that.

Although based in the UK as soon as the eBay store was launched, VOCLA quickly found that they had customers from all around the world wanting the Addicted brand. Therefore VOCLA has become a business that imports global niche brands and then sells them globally with about 25% of their sales from abroad, to all kinds of different countries and they are pleased to say that about 20% of their sales each day are repeat customers, so when a customer finds VOCLA, they tend to go back.

Keeping it simple

The intention with VOCLA has always been and remains to concentrate on underwear. I'm glad to say they don't intend to sell women’s underwear and it's also not their intention to diversify into other categories. Swimwear may be added in the future but that really would be the limit to any diversification. Ultimately they want VOCLA to become like the big US web-sites which concentrate just on underwear and when somebody wants to buy some underwear, they would like them to instantly think of VOCLA as the place to go to, a bit like the way women think of Victoria Secret or La Senza.

So come on UK guys lets support VOCLA all the way …. pop over to and take a look around! I've supplied enough links in this article, so just click one and make your next pants purchase be from and just to entice you, if your thinking of buying any Andrew Christian Underwear then use the code BRIEFS15 at the check-out and will give you a 15% discount just for coming from my little blog!

What could be better than that … only until July 15th (2013)  though, so get ya skates on guys!

OH, and also offer FREE shipping here in the UK

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