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The BEST kept secret!

The BEST kept secret!

At LAST ….. genuine POLYESTER Y-Fronts!

70's style polyester Y-Fronts should still be made today! They were the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn and one of 'briefsbooks' members 'Mollington' who has pictures of him in traditional 70's Y's has revealed a little secret that I think quite a few of the 'briefsters' on here will be very interested in!

Wonderful and garish ...

YES …. a little company has started reproducing these little beauties! Although a one man band… not only are each pair made to order, but they are also reproducing the crazy Paisley patterns of the era!  How AMAZING is that ….

Blue Paisly Vest T ShirtBriefsters, let me introduce 'Charlie Pants'!  A little 'cottage company' producing hand made 70's style Polyester and Cotton Y-Fronts.  This is a dream come true for me …. checking the website I couldn't believe my eyes, there they were, wonderful garish 70's Y-Fronts and most importantly made of 100% Polyester with the plain designs produced in 100% cotton! With very little hesitation I quickly fired an eMail off to 'Charlie' and found out all about the company and this is what he says!

Just a little kinkiness!

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s Charlie had quite a thing for underpants (didn't we all :0) ), most specifically classic style y-fronts, which usually meant loud and colourfully patterned nylon ones with contrasting leg trims. His favourites having always been the Paisley patterned ones but as the years went by these sorts of pants have pretty much disappeared. When the main stream high street shops stopped selling them he had to look to the cheaper budget stores or Saturday market stalls to find them, but even those disappeared in time. In recent years auction sites like eBay have the odd pair, but often fetching ridiculous prices, way beyond what Charlie wanted to pay and probably for the rest of us too …. crazy when you think how cheap these pants used to be …. quite often just a couple of english pounds from the local market stall!

I can’t stand boxers either. They’re shorts, not underwear. The legs scrunch up in your trousers and bunch up between your arse and they don’t keep all your bits nice and snugly in place. They just look boring and have no sex appeal!

Charlie thought to himself, if these garish patterned pants are so sought after, then why aren't underwear manufacturers producing them today? It’s not just underpants either, other retro style patterned garments too like t-shirts also tend to be quite popular on places like eBay, reaching very high bids. "Modern clothing especially underwear has become quite plain and look to me like something a Star Wars Storm Trooper would wear underneath his armour" says Charlie. "They look just like they’ve been engineered by sports car manufacturers and very often also the models wearing them!" Everything has just starting to look a bit “over engineered” for Charlies' tastes. He wants to try and bring some of the warm retro feeling back and make sexy a bit more fun, colourful, softer and more human again and maybe just a little bit of 'kinkiness' too!

After figuring out the construction of Y-Fronts by carefully dismantling some of his favourite pairs of pants Charlie made a few prototypes which ultimately confirmed that he wouldn't be able to faithfully reproduce the factory finish of manufacture underwear just using a domestic sewing machine. But with a lot of trial and error Charlie has come up with a way to reproduce some great 70's pants for any of us RETRO briefsters! At the start, Charlie ordered materials from eBay but this started to became a bit of a "hit and miss affair" and now unbelievably he's found a supplier that can custom print materials using his own designs!

Blue Paisley T-Shirt and Y-Fronts

All the underpants and vests that Charlie sells are totally hand made by Charlie himself, with Retro Paisley designs and cutting patterns for large and medium sizes he also has plenty of 'left field' ideas of his own… like a Paisley pattern inspired by the HP Lovecraft mythos and also having a strong creative bent from being an ex art student he's also working on an erotic Paisley pattern that includes lots of cocks woven in to the design!  Can't wait for that one ;0)

Purchased mainly by gay guys ( well, it is said we have the best taste when it comes to fashion … ) with some designs selling better than others, the early pairs of pants were sold on eBay, slowly but surely gathering quite a few regular customers. Not being gay himself but still appreciating a good looking guy in a nice pair of undies, Charlie has been told that we like our Y-fronts as they are a very 'manly' style of underwear …. in my opinion he's not wrong and it's something I've said many times before.


A "Brief" Summary

So there we go …. if like me you love Retro Y-Fronts and want to hark back to those care free times of the 70's, if only by the style of underwear you wear then get over to and buy a pair of Y-Fronts for yourself and surround your privates in that wonderfully stretchy and comfy material of the 70's, Polyester!

But remember, each pair are lovingly hand crafted, so unless Charlie has them already made and in stock, they'll take a few weeks to make …. but in my opinion they're well worth the wait …. I've already placed my order, with a slight modification of narrower sides …. as I prefer the 'sportier' look!

Keep a look out as I'll be posting quite a few pics when I get them! 

Oh and by the way Charlie, have you thought about producing a few Jockstraps to complete the set?

The BEST kept secret!

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  • mollington

    17 July 2014 at 17:07 | #

    Well done writing this article briefslad.
    Let's hope it gives Charlie the recognition he deserves!
    If any of you guy are a fan of retro y fronts, then I can recommend Charlie's pants. Most of my pictures on here are actually pants that he's made and like briefslad said if you prefer the shorter sides ( as I do ) then just mention it when you place your order with him.
    Let's give this talented guy the recognition he deserves by supporting his new venture!


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