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My first taste of a boys briefs

My first taste of a boys briefs

Part 1

When I was about 16 I was at my friend Chris’s house after football practice. Chris had an older brother, Paul, who Chris still shared a bedroom with.

Chris was having tea and I was alone in their room.

They had a wash basket in the corner and Paul had thrown the red pants he was wearing at football practice on top.

Chris’s pants were there too but it was Paul’s pants that really fascinated me.

I knew I had an opportunity so grabbed the sexy red pants and sniffed them. They were soft cotton slips, a little damp and smelled of Paul.

Suddenly the door opened. It was Paul!

I panicked and made up some lame excuse that I was going to put them in the wash basket.

Paul wasn’t buying it!

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My first taste of a boys briefs

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