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Divers in Calvins

Divers in Calvins

Briefs or Boxers

Three of our Olympic hopefuls show us what they're wearing under their shorts.... from left to right, the men are Tom Daley, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears.

So here we see a snap of three of our Olympic diving hopefuls including Tom Daley, shot whilst in training in Australia. All three of them sporting Calvin Klein 'Steel' underwear in various colours.

But the question is are they wearing Briefs or Boxers?

As this is a website dedicated to all things 'Briefs' plus as they are all used to wearing speedo's let's hope they've opted for briefs over boxers!

And if you've been reading my blog you'll know the CK Steel range is one of my all time favourites.

Good luck Tom and let's hope you bring a medal home! 

Sexy And I Know It LMFAO

Back in December Tom Daley and the diving team took some time out from their training schedule to film this video on a beach in Adelaide, Australia. The video features Tom and his team mates Jack Laugher, Chris Mears, Tonia Couch, Sarah Barrow, Nicolas Robinson-Baker and Max Brick.

Divers in Calvins

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  • BriefsGuyUk

    18 August 2012 at 15:46 | #

    According to a twitter post from Tom Daley, Tom prefers to wear tight boxers :-(


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