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Daily clean underwear

Daily clean underwear

Only 78% of British men change their underwear every day!

Latest research into the nation’s laundry habits finds only 87% of all British adults change their pants and socks on a daily basis.

Unbelievable as it may seem, not all men change their underwear every day!

In a surprising study by Mintel, it seems that up to three quarters (78%) of British men do NOT change their underwear every day.  Instead they prefer to wear their underwear for up to an unbelievable four days in a row!

Now, being the major underwear (briefs) collector that I am, I actually find this story truly amazing! I seriously could not imagine pulling on the same pair of pants that I wore the day before, although it may have something to do with the fact I sleep in my underwear ... but then again, NO ... it isn't that.

Surely, these blokes that are saying they actually wear the same pair for four days in a row can't be having a shower to clean themselves and then looking at yesterdays pants and just picking them up and putting them on again!

It's just plain wrong, lol and VERY, VERY unhealthy, let alone well, just "DIRTY"!

I personally can't think of anything more refreshing than pulling on a freshly laundered pair of briefs after showering and on the other side nothing more disgusting than putting on yesterdays underwear... it kind of makes a mockery of showering if you going to put yesterdays pants back on. Lets face it, what with 'dribbles' and things ... what bloke in their right mind wants to wear the same pants more than once!

Richard Caines, Senior Consumer Analyst at Mintel, says:

"Our research reveals there is a distinct whiff of laziness amongst men in the UK today when it comes to underwear. You might assume that for personal hygiene reasons everyone puts on clean underwear when they get dressed at the start of the day, yet only eight in ten men appear to be doing so. It seems that the influence of a partner is a positive one when it comes to changing underwear and socks, with those who are married more likely to change their underwear on a daily basis."

Read the whole unbelievable article here here.

Daily clean underwear

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