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Briefs in vogue?

Briefs in vogue?

Are briefs becoming more main stream?

I’ve read quite a few articles on the net lately about how briefs maybe coming back into fashion and are starting to become more popular. To me they never went away!

Yes, I tried to go with the flow in the 80’s when Calvin Klein did their massive advertising campaign with Mark Wahlberg that changed the way men see their underwear.

Wearing ck's iconic white boxer briefs literally every guy at the time wanted to look like him and purchased more than a few pairs for special occasions, mainly date nights. I tried. I really did, just to be the same as all my friends.

Having the support and comfort of briefs for so long, I just couldn’t get used to everything ‘swinging’ around and the fact that there was no support what so ever … plus I could never get used to how they always rode up to the top of the legs of my jeans and they irritated my legs like HELL!

Even after purchasing more than a few pairs, I decided enough was enough and went back to “briefs” and never went back to the ugly and uncomfortable experience of “boxer brief” and thinking back, quite a few of my friends at the time did exactly the same thing!

So why do guys wear boxers or boxer briefs?

I’ve asked myself this question over and over, I can never understand why any guy would want to wear what is basically a pair of “shorts” under their jeans or trousers or as they are better known over in the USA … “pants”. I have to look twice when I see a guy wearing what is essentially two pairs of shorts in the Summer, i.e. a pair of shorts with a pair of boxer briefs underneath or even worse, boxer shorts …. come on guys, get real .. it’s just “wrong”!

When I read articles on the net about whether “Boxers or Briefs”, I get the feeling that most men are more afraid of what their mates have to say about it rather than whether they are more comfortable or not, or that they're associated with either being ‘gay’ or that they're what a kid wears.

Just look at this reply I found:

Briefs - For kids
Boxers - For pre-teens & early teens
Boxer-Briefs - For everyone else

It's the natural progression of underwear!

“It's the natural progression of underwear!” are they serious, what an idiot!

Although I have to say, most replies to discussions say “Ignore what everyone else says, just wear what you want”, which I completely agree with, even if it’s boxers rather than briefs lol.

Here’s a question someone asked!

“I have read that briefs are coming back into fashion, and are starting to become more popular than baggy boxers, especially trendy ones such as American Apparel:

I was talking to my mates the other day and some of them admitted they had started wearing them again and that they preferred them to boxers and that their girlfriends liked them too.”

The answers he got back ranged from “I wouldn't consider the move myself. I don't think briefs are particularly attractive.” or “I have tried wearing briefs. I didn't like them and on more than one occasion my ball sack somehow flopped out of the side of them.” How this is possible unless someone is buying the wrong size!

I think this next answer is probably my most favourite of all and most likely answers the whole question of “Why do guys wear boxers or boxer briefs?”…

Another reason I don't particularly like to wear ‘briefs’ is because it's much easier to see the size of my package when I wear them.

I think this says it all!

Most men are conscious of the size of their package, especially young guys. Let’s face it we all were when we were younger! I may be wrong, but in my personal opinion, I think most guys forget comfort, style and design and wear ‘Boxer Briefs’ or even worse ‘Boxers’ to hide what they may or may not have!

The majority of polls that are held on this subject all say that the majority of men wear boxer briefs. This month, March 2016, The Huffington Post supposedly held a poll and their findings said that 57% of men prefer ‘boxer briefs’, 18% liked ‘Boxer Shorts’ with colourful ‘Briefs’ coming in at 16% and ’Tighty Whiteys’ trailing with 6%! Yet surprisingly they asked “What types of underwear makes you feel more like a man” and they reported a winning difference of just 3% for ‘Boxers’ over ‘Briefs’. Just 3%!

The Global Men's Underwear Market is expected to be valued at US$ 11 Billion by 2020, so it’s safe to say that guys are definitely still in to their ‘pants’ whether it’s ‘Boxers’ or ‘Briefs’. The underwear manufacture ‘Garçon Model’ also ran a poll in 2014/15 of 1000 men and their results seem to be a bit different: 41% preferring ‘Briefs’, 37% ’Trunks’ which I think they mean ‘Boxer Briefs’ and ‘Boxers’ trailing at 22%. So an underwear Manufacture is saying that they believe ‘Briefs’ are the most popular!

A "Brief" summary

So to bring this very LONG article to a close, and it’s an article I’ve been thinking of writing for a long long time. In my humble opinion I believe that the majority of men wear ‘Boxer Briefs’ or ‘Boxers’ because of peer pressure rather than thinking of what’s comfortable. They won’t even go near a pair of ‘briefs’ incase they get labeled as a kid or worse still, gay … well, it’s their loss … let them have the uncomfortable feeling of ‘bunched’ up material and dangling ‘bits’, whilst the ‘Briefs’ wearer, have comfort and style, no bunched up excess material and above all, we all look HOT. We don’t care who does or doesn’t looks! We’re the confident ones!

As AussieBum state, "If you doubt yourself, wear something else!"

Funnily enough ‘Garçon Model also report that 10% of men are estimated to have an underwear fetish owning anywhere from 50 to 500 pairs - I wonder if they’ve seen briefsbook!

Briefs in vogue?

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Comments (6)

  • Agni806

    06 April 2020 at 05:40 | #

    Shopping on line for briefs (or anything for that matter) is not an issue for me. I really don't enjoy most shops. Especially clothing stores - too much noise, too much clutter, too many interruptions.
    Different story if it's a Repco store of course! (motor factor I think they're called in UK)


  • Oversoul

    03 January 2019 at 20:18 | #

    It's hard to say whether or not briefs are in vogue. I would say that briefs are very popular on Internet especially on sites like eBay, Amazon, or Poshmark. When someone says that "briefs are making a comeback", I would say that is true because most designer underwear brands seem to have briefs as their largest underwear style in their catalog and it seems that they sell more than any other style.

    Also, I think reason why many men don't wear briefs goes far beyond men just being conscious of the size of their penis. Instead, it seems that most men are conscious of their whole body, especially their lower body. Many men don't wear briefs because they think their lower bodies look attractive. The biggest reason why some men don't want to wear briefs has to do with society. There seems to be a stigma around the male body, this stigma says that men should not try to appear sexy in almost any way. Some men don't wear briefs or speedos (swim briefs) because they're afraid that they will appear sexy and they rationalize this fear by calling men that appear sexy in skimpy briefs/speedos as "gay".


  • Stevieboy

    07 August 2017 at 23:31 | #

    Great articles on briefsmania, interesting to read and hear from lots of fellow Briefs wearers. I love wearing briefs as my preferred choice of underwear, as I go for comfort over, what looks good, as seen through the eyes of other men. Whenever I wear briefs I certainly feel more masculine, I must admit, than I do in boxers or boxer briefs...(these don't do anything for me!!), and I love feeling the line of my briefs through the material of my trousers... I also feel more horny when I undress, when I have briefs on, and I enjoy just relaxing in just my briefs after having removed my clothes.
    I like any colour of briefs, patterned ones, striped ones, and any brands...
    Briefs are for all ages, not just kids, all men! I will always support the shops who sell briefs, and I hope more and more men will be converted in their tastes and thinking, moving over to wearing them from the dreaded boxer shirts and boxer briefs.

    Briefs are just so cool! ?


  • ritual0403

    06 July 2016 at 11:46 | #

    I think Briefslad has hit the nail on the head. Peer pressure from age 11 allows the rot to set in. This is then reinforced by the Mens' style gurus who seem to be inconsolable on the subject of briefs. To put the tin hat on it, you have the lack of choice available to briefs wearers in the British High Street. I've just been looking in the latest catalogue of one of the principal main stream clothes retailers in the UK. In the mens' section it offers in excess of 250 different colours and patterns of the various types of boxer shorts, with vibrant shades and eye-catching designs. In contrast about 16 different colours and patterns are offered to briefs wearers, rather dull and unattractive in comparison to those available to the boxer brigade. There is not even one pair of white briefs in the selection to tickle the fancy of the tighty whitey aficionados. What a ghastly state of affairs. Thank goodness for Briefsmania; at least I no longer feel isolated!


  • mandrake

    24 March 2016 at 13:37 | #

    Great article, loved it, and I think you're right that men wear boxerbriefs because lots of them do, and perhaps because their girlfriends/wives buy boxerbriefs because thats all you see in adverts.
    Apart from M&S, and Jockey, I agree with PJNozza, it is becoming difficult to find fly-front white briefs's all bloody boxerbriefs or 'trunks' which don't have a fly front!!!


  • pjnozza

    20 March 2016 at 10:05 | #

    I completely agree although it's getting harder in the UK to buy briefs on the high-street. Most of my briefs shopping has to be done online


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