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A Brief Convert

A Brief Convert

Nothing but "Briefs" on here.

I'd probably say that my love of men in briefs goes back to my mid teens. I can remember getting a massive thrill from searching through the mail order catalogues that anyone in the family owned.

I would always head straight for the Mens Clothing Sections, naturally ending up at the underwear pages to look at and admire the styles and colours and of course the bulges on the male models.

Yes I'm gay in my mid 40's and I love to see a guy in a suit and hopefully he has briefs or tighty whities on underneath. However, if he drops his trousers and reveals boxers or trunks of any shape or form, the interest kind of falls away!

The first meeting with my housemate saw us checked in to a hotel, naturally sharing a room and a bed and as we both got undressed he got his first look at me in my white CK briefs - but when he dropped his jeans ..... oh no! ...... horror of horrors he was wearing a pair of NEXT boxer briefs - straight away I thought they would have to go and NOT just that night but for good! When he finally moved in with me, it was obvious from the amount of pairs he unpacked that he had worn the same style for some time!

Just imagine hanging those on the washing line!

A charity donation!

He started to look through my case at the 12 or more pairs I'd packed for the weekend (I always pack too many pants) and started to show an interest in a pair of blue sports tangas, so I asked him to try them on and although reluctant at first, I managed to persuade him and he was amazed at the comfort, fit and how much cooler they were to his style.

He wore the extra pairs (see it paid off packing so many!!) I'd bought with me for the whole weekend and when the weekend came to an end I told him to keep them and wash and wear them until our next meeting and YES ... that next weekend he was wearing 'my briefs'!

A year later when he actually moved in with me - I donated all of his boxer briefs and trunks (many brand new) to a charity shop and now he is a complete brief convert and doesn't look back to those days of the other awful garments.

His favourites are Calvin Klein and Bum Chums and I recently surprised him with 5 pairs of Tommy Hillfiger briefs which he loves.

So come on guys - have you converted someone to briefs ... if so, tell us your story.

Hopefully it will be like my own story and we could see mates, friends or even 'other halfs' modelling on .... the only website of its type and probably the best one I've ever come across!

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    12 October 2019 at 05:34 | #

    I am now officially converted to wearing only briefs. As a child I wore them, but switched due to peer pressure. I secretly wore them, but they weren't mine (I stole a pair from school and I often wore my older brothers on occasions). I recently gave in to my desire for briefs, which I have had since puberty. All my boxers and boxer briefs are now gone and have been replaced by slip briefs and some tanga briefs too. I'm really looking forward to getting some Jockey Y-fronts and other styles of briefs too. I am now far more 'at ease ' about wearing briefs and absolutely love how they make me feel. I will never look back now. I have always been bi curious/sexual, but have never experienced a man...... maybe my passion for briefs will help with that!


  • scottmag

    20 August 2016 at 22:09 | #

    I've only just read this but great story really related to the thrill I get. Unfortunately not converted anyone yet but I'll see what I can do to get someone onto the right side of undies.


  • brieftouch

    02 May 2016 at 09:55 | #

    I've always worn briefs, I was born in the 70s and every man and boy wore briefs. I grew up with 3 bros and dad and hanging out at home in just our briefs and still do. My fetish began in my early teens, noticing the size of our bulges as we grew up and realising that my dad had an amazing bulge and I just couldn't stop looking at it. We shared briefs and speedos and I have many pairs of their briefs in my collection and they have some of mine. Burn all boxer shorts. Men were built to wear briefs!


  • David

    28 December 2014 at 12:32 | #

    God I love briefs so comfortable and I especially like tight white ones on me and other men


  • FuzzyJim

    12 October 2014 at 21:10 | #

    What a fantastic story... I don't have one like that myself. But I do feel the same way. I can be so turned on by a guy and then he starts to take off his clothes and is wearing very non sexy boxers... it's a turn off. I won't prevent me from having sex with him... the boxers eventually come off - but I just don't find them sexy on a man at all. And I have no idea why any man would prefer to wear them at all... They don't even serve the purpose of why men wear underwear... to support our penis and balls. If you wear boxers you might as well wear nothing at all... Well some of the newer boxer briefs offer support - they just aren't as sexy. Anyways, great story and it makes me want to find a "convert" of my own!! More stories please!!



  • BriefsGuyUk

    17 May 2014 at 21:47 | #

    Great article buddy! An interesting read and really great to see that you managed to 'convert' a guy to our way.. The briefs way!

    I've never converted anyone but I am a convert. For years I wore boxers but always secretly loved briefs... All of my generation wore baggy boxers so wanting to conform I joined the crowd.

    It wasnt until uni I decided to start and buy underpants and slowly but surely started wearing them... But never anywhere they would be seen in public.

    Then one day I just said 'fuck it' and wore them exclusively. I then plucked up the courage to buy y-fronts, another love and started wearing them too.

    Wearing my y-fronts at the gym for he first time was both terrifying and liberating at the same time - and it's a day I'll never forget.

    Since deciding to ditch the boxers and becoming a fully fledged briefs wearer I've learned a great deal... Mainly to be yourself and wear what you want to wear. Never worry or care about what other people may think or say - it's eats you inside like a vile all consuming cancer.

    Just be you and the rest will follow. Consequently I've met a great guy who also has a thing for briefs and we're really happy, so much so he created this site to share with others! It's great to meet other guys with the same interests and share stories.

    Great post buddy!


  • Briefslad

    17 May 2014 at 07:34 | #

    Thanks for becoming our first guest blogger to the site and what a GREAT story to kick us off with :0). Looking forward to the next!
    If anyone else would like to contribute any briefs related articles, then drop me an email to


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