May 2018 Briefster of the Month

May 2018 Briefster of the Month


This month our members have voted SpeedodaveUK ‘Briefster of the Month’. Speedodave has posted some pretty amazing pics over the past few years, not only showing the love of briefs but Speedo’s too.

A few days later than normal due to a few technical hitches, find out why SpeedodaveUK prefers to wear briefs rather than boxers by taking a look at his answers to our set of questions.

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When did you first realise you enjoyed underwear, specifically briefs?

I first fell in love with briefs back in my schooldays. I was always a swimmer and loved the look and feel of speedos (hence my tag name!) so briefs were a natural extension of that for every day wear. I used to love the attention they got in the changing room too - in an all boys school in the 90s when boxers were all the rage wearing briefs was always an alternative choice, but I used to see quite a few others in them too!

What is it about wearing briefs that you find appealing?

I love the way they hug the body, accentuating the bum and front package whilst skipping round the hips. Every time I wear them I always get a little excited - which just fills the pouch of a bit making me even more excited naturally!

What is it about briefs on another guy you find appealing?

Briefs say something about a guy’s confidence - in an age of boxer brief ubiquity seeing another briefs fan shows me a guy who appreciates both form and sexy function! I particularly love it when the briefs provide a nice close fit, highlighting all the assets and goodness on offer!

Can you tell us about your own underwear collection?

I’ve a big range - everything from little single lined micro slips (which don’t leave much to the imagination), tangas, a few jocks, through to Y fronts and A fronts in an extra size up. I’m a particular fan of micro-modal type fabric, which is both comfy and incredibly sexy! I also like just simple cheap plain white briefs - the sort you can get from a simple supermarket. It’s been a while since I last counted them all but I’ve about 80-100 pairs which are part of my everyday wardrobe and a further 250+ which I like to circulate round every so often.

When did you start collecting underwear?

When I was about 12 or 13. I used to seek out the most unusual ones I could find for a boy and wear them to see what kind of reactions I got (many pretty positive ones!) I’ve collected briefs and speedos ever since. I used to be a competitive swimmer as well so have collected about 70 speedos over the years too.

Is your underwear collection thrown in a drawer or do you arrange it in any specific way?

It’s usually arranged - by colour and also by type. It’s hard to keep on top of it however so I usually do a full reordering once a year.

Do you own a favourite pair, or maybe a lucky pair?

Not really - I love them all!

Do you have any favourite brands? If so, which ones?

Jockey is usually my favourite - although the best briefs you can only get from their stores in the US. I also like Calvin Klein as well as David Gandy briefs from M&S in the U.K.

Do you have a favourite colour?

I tend to prefer white briefs, or single colours.

What style of briefs do you prefer?

I love them all! Bikinis for when I’m feeling particularly sexy, A fronts when I want comfort, tanga briefs for sports, normal slips for every day wear etc.

What do you look for when buying a new pair of briefs?

A combination of comfort and style - plus what makes me look good!

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May 2018 Briefster of the Month

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