March 2018 Briefster of the Month

March 2018 Briefster of the Month


Briefsbook’s winner of the ‘Briefster of the Month’ title goes to LabelLad. Voted by our members and from the amount of pics supplied, LabelLad is a great example of why our members have a passion and adoration for wearing briefs as their choice of underwear. Read his answers to our questions and get a little more insight into why LabelLad prefers to wear briefs rather than boxers!

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When did you first realise you enjoyed underwear, specifically briefs?

I guess it was when I was very young and discovered a very skimpy little brief of my older brother's - who was away at boarding school and not likely to miss it. So suddenly, it found its way into my underwear drawer! It was a tiny, pink cotton bikini brief - I've no idea what brand, the inside label had come off, but it was the kind of thing I'd later buy from Kiniki - but it really turned me on to wear it, it gave me an instant hard-on, and I'd wear it to school too, and enjoy the notion of fellow pupils seeing it on me in the changing rooms. Also, like so many of us, I found myself attracted to the men's underwear section of those bulky shopping catalogues our mums used to get - and it was always the briefs the guys were posing in that grabbed my attention.

What is it about wearing briefs that you find appealing?

I just love the overall outline they give me - they enhance and keep secure my goods upfront, my ass looks pretty good in them (especially if they're tight), and the high cut makes my thighs look good too. Not that I'm vain!

What is it about briefs on another guy you find appealing?

Much the same reason really. There's nothing sexier than seeing a fit guy in well-cut briefs - boxers do nothing for me. I love the curve of a good bubble butt in tight-fitting briefs, if he's well-stacked the front might look enticing, and I love the look of strong, powerful upper legs in high-cut briefs. You'd never get to see any of that in horrible baggy boxer shorts!

Can you tell us about your own underwear collection?

Unlike some Briefsbook members, I actually don't have THAT many briefs - maybe a hundred pairs or more (though that might sound like a lot to some of you). But it is definitely all briefs, jockstraps and some speedos. I am very reluctant to get rid of favourite pairs - so some briefs might lie in the drawer and not be worn for ages. But it would kill me to chuck them out - so the collection is certainly getting pretty hefty.

When did you start collecting underwear?

It was probably in my early to mid teens. I'd notice what other guys at school were wearing in the changing rooms, and realised fairly quickly that briefs and skimpier types of undies were definitely what I wanted to wear other than boxers or trunks. Obviously a teenager's pocket money wouldn't stretch to many expensive designer-label items, so I'd just get basic department store briefs to start with - they were still good-looking tighty whities! - but it wasn't long until I discovered the thrill of buying a pair of classic CKs or ribbed cotton Jockeys, for example.

Is your underwear collection thrown in a drawer or do you arrange it in any specific way?

I'm truly hopeless at organising my briefs - there's no rhyme or reason why some drawers contain what they do, and I certainly don't keep certain styles or labels together - they're all in untidy bundles, stuffed away in random drawers - even my days-of-the-week Aussiebums! I would shame some of you guys - I've seen the pics of your regimentally-organised drawers, and very impressive too! But trust me, I always know where to go for a certain pair of briefs that I have a hankering to wear.

Do you own a favourite pair, or maybe a lucky pair?

That's an impossible question. I have too many favourite briefs to narrow it down to one pair. Though if pushed, I can't beat my crispy, just-washed white classic CKs. Yup, boring! Otherwise, I keep changing my mind. Sometimes it's some very skimpy, brightly coloured bikinis too that go to the head of the queue.

Do you have any favourite brands? If so, which ones?

As my nickname, LabelLad, would suggest, I'm a bit of a label nut. These days I'd say my favourite brand is Andrew Christian. I love that sexy tag on the side of (some of) their briefs, and they're always re-inventing their product with the sexiest, most innovative designs - which means I have to keep buying them, dammit! But I also love Aussiebums, Calvin Klein, Diesel.... the list goes on.

Do you have a favourite colour?

I LOVE red briefs. I've got some really great red ACs, ABs and Diesels. Don't ask me why red is such a hot colour for me - it just really works. I guess it's vibrant, bold and out there. But i'm a big fan of blue and variants of blue too - turquoise, sky blue, navy.

What style of briefs do you prefer?

My absolute favourite style is a bikini brief, or maybe a tanga. The skimpier the better, to be very honest. I love tangas because they're both respectable but oh-so-sexy at the same time - they cover the groin area properly but are cut very high revealing almost all of the thigh, and I love the minimal strap across the hips. Then you've got a full (or sometimes half-cut) back which cover the ass properly but set it off nicely too. Not that I've made a scientific study of this!

What do you look for when buying a new pair of briefs?

I know a lot of sensible guys would say comfort, quality and affordability, more or less in that order - but I'm a shallow poser and if I think a pair of briefs looks hot or sexy, I wanna buy them! No, to be serious, comfort and quality are of course important too - but I am initially attracted by originality of design. I'm always on the look-out for something different or unusual.

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March 2018 Briefster of the Month

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