June 2018 Briefster of the Month

June 2018 Briefster of the Month

AC Lover

This month Briefsbook's members have voted AC Lover ‘Briefster of the Month’. Since October last year AC Lover has posted some fantastic pics, showing his love for briefs and Jock’s too.

Fnd out why AC Lover prefers to wear briefs by taking a look at his answers to our set of questions.

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When did you first realise you enjoyed underwear, specifically briefs?

I suppose I was a pretty late starter, in my late teens. Prior to that I probably wore terrible boxers from C&A or some shop like that!

What is it about wearing briefs that you find appealing?

I enjoy the comfort and support of briefs, and also they feel and look much sexier than other types of underwear.

What is it about briefs on another guy you find appealing?

Again they look much sexier, particularly when they’re on a guy with a good bum, I think I’m definitely a bum man!

Can you tell us about your own underwear collection?

My undies drawers consist of several hundred pairs, about 40% of them are brand new still with the labels attached. It takes me ages on a night out deciding which pair to put on!. I also have them in separate sections for daytime wear,evening wear, and weeken pants, I’m a bit sad, lol! The majority of these are of course Andrew Christian, with some Aussiebum and various other brands. I’m a big fan of Modus Vivendi at the moment as well.

When did you start collecting underwear?

Probably in my early twenties.

Is your underwear collection thrown in a drawer or do you arrange it in any specific way?

I think I answered this earlier, but I do tend to organise them very neatly! Lol

Do you own a favourite pair, or maybe a lucky pair?

I don’t have a specific favourite, but it would probably be a jock, which I’m a massive fan of. I own loads of them.

Do you have any favourite brands? If so, which ones?

Andrew Christian, Aussiebum, Modus Vivendi, Jockey, Calvin Klein. I’m also really into Maskulo, but they’re really expensive so I’ve only a few pairs of them.

Do you have a favourite colour?

Blue or Red, I can never decide between the two.

What style of briefs do you prefer?

I prefer briefs and jockstraps, I think jocks most of all, and I like to see a nice bum in a jockstrap!

What do you look for when buying a new pair of briefs?

I look for style, colour and whether or not I think I can get away with wearing them!

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June 2018 Briefster of the Month

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  • Marcus69

    21 October 2018 at 09:38 | #

    This guy is the best. Loved reading this article what a sexy funny guy he is. Would love to meet him ?


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