February 2018 Briefster of the Month

February 2018 Briefster of the Month


Briefsbook’s second winner of the ‘Briefster of the Month’ title goes to Tightbulge. Voted by our members, Tightbulge is another great example of why our members have a passion and adoration for wearing briefs as their choice of underwear. Take a few minutes to read his answers to our questions and get a little more insight into why Tightbulge prefers wearing briefs rather than boxers!

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When did you first realise you enjoyed underwear, specifically briefs?

Before the internet existed department stores would publish large catalogues detailing products from each one of their departments, clothing, housewares, toys etc. I recall the first time I was viewing one of those catalogues, maybe at about 7 or 8 yrs. old, and I happened to stumble across the men’s clothing section, specifically the loungewear and underwear section. At that age I’m not sure exactly what it was, but I remember staring at the 3-4 page spread of men’s underwear, specifically the briefs, in various colors and designs and I’m telling you the truth it was simply love at first bulge.

I loved seeing groups of masculine man with hairy chests, maybe one casually drinking coffee out of a mug, smiling with what one would say is he most vulnerable asset, his bulge just there for all to admire. I would get so excited (in many ways) as the new catalogues would be delivered each year. I also recall the Sunday circulars being delivered and inside would be advertisements for the local discount stores, which would all have Hanes and Jockey advertisements.

Every once in a while one of those circulars would find their way under my mattress, I’m not sure how or why that happened!

What is it about wearing briefs that you find appealing?

I love how they make me feel sexy and confident. I wear suits every day for work and briefs are very comfortable and at times almost as if I’m not wearing anything at all. I love walking around the locker room and enjoy the attention that a simple yet bright pair of briefs will command.

What is it about briefs on another guy you find appealing?

There is something about the masculine qualities a man exudes, body hair, a nice bulge, thick legs mixed with the almost feminine qualities of a pair of briefs that I find so erotic. I think of briefs no matter what the style as a nice display case for our family jewels, our most precious assets, the organ that gives all of us men the ultimate pleasure and in my case gives me that ultimate pleasure multiple times a day. When a man wears briefs he is proud to show off what he’s got as he should.

Can you tell us about your own underwear collection?

My collection is actually quite simple as space is at a premium; I actually rotate my underwear collection when I rotate my clothes for different seasons. I believe less is more, and I prefer simple colors and minimal branding. My collection consists of basic colors from the least expensive simple briefs in a 4-pack to basic designer brands, but I am always on the lookout for very simple and classic. Even my jock collection consists just of old school white jocks, I guess it goes back to those department store catalogues from the 80s and the simple, basic yet classic briefs they used to sell.

When did you start collecting underwear?

I remember the first time I had a car and a job; I was able to go to a department store on my own and buy my first 3-pack of Jockey elance briefs. I couldn’t wait to get home and try them on! My collection really did not start until after college when I had my own apartment and the space to store my briefs!

Is your underwear collection thrown in a drawer or do you arrange it in any specific way?

I always have great intentions of organizing my underwear and after laundry day it usually is organized by color, but it seems to get very disorganized very quickly…but for some unknown reason I have my collection catalogued in my head, so I can always find what I’m looking for.

Do you own a favourite pair, or maybe a lucky pair?

I do not necessarily have one favorite pair. I travel internationally for work and some people like to collect refrigerator magnets or postcards from placed they have visited, I like to collect underwear. When I was working in Italy years ago, I remember buying a pair of basic cheap white briefs in the grocery market, I still have them and love how simple and comfortable they feel. Italian men in briefs are also a weakness so maybe that why I love those briefs so much!

Do you have any favourite brands? If so, which ones?

My go-to are Calvin Klein and 2xist, but I’ll try anything, variety is the spice of life and I like to have a lot of spice in my pants! Oh yeah baby!

Do you have a favourite colour?

I love classic white, there is something so basic and utilitarian about white it just gets my juices flowing guys!

What style of briefs do you prefer?

Hands down, I love simple Bikini Briefs, nothing too flashy, simple, classic and timeless. They really accentuate and put on display our great bulges and asses.

What do you look for when buying a new pair of briefs?

Again, I look for classic designs, something that will cradle and keep my junk safe and secure and well if there is a sexy picture of a man on the front wearing them all my criteria just goes out the window!

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February 2018 Briefster of the Month

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  • KiltedMan

    12 March 2018 at 05:46 | #

    Great answers, mate. Nothin like a simple white bikini brief and you wear em very well. Hmmmm... now I'm stretchin' out my own! ] ; - j


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