April 2018 Briefster of the Month

April 2018 Briefster of the Month


This month our members have voted Samadam ‘Briefster of the Month’. One of our newer members Samadam has posted some pretty kewl pics not only showing the love of briefs but Speedo’s too.

Gain a little more insight into why Samadam prefers to wear briefs rather than boxers by taking a look at his what maybe rather shorter answers to our set of questions, but definitely pretty concise.

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When did you first realise you enjoyed underwear, specifically briefs?

I would say, when I was around 13 years old.

What is it about wearing briefs that you find appealing?

They turn me on, especially when I sleep wearing a pair! Briefs also support my stuff far more than boxers and definitely protect it when I play sports.

What is it about briefs on another guy you find appealing?

I like a tight ass and when a guy wears briefs and not boxers it’s the lines that briefs make… the ‘Brieflines’ that really turns me on!

Can you tell us about your own underwear collection?

I own a fair few random pairs of briefs and a few pairs of Speedo’s. Probably around 25 briefs mostly white, a few coloured and some classic patterned ones.

When did you start collecting underwear?

My whole life!

Is your underwear collection thrown in a drawer or do you arrange it in any specific way?

I like them messy so that I wear a random pair every day!

Do you own a favourite pair, or maybe a lucky pair?

Yes! The pair with good memories ;0)

Do you have any favourite brands? If so, which ones?

Hanes classic.

Do you have a favourite colour?

Probably, maroon with grey!

What style of briefs do you prefer?

Mostly bikinis with a good pair of y-fronts thrown in to mix things up!

What do you look for when buying a new pair of briefs?

Space for my stuff and how visible the brieflines will be under a pair of skinny pants..

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April 2018 Briefster of the Month

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