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Rubber Band Men

Rubber Band Men

By Mark Gregg Richards

The 22 year old Canadian was packing something very impressive in his groin hugging briefs as he paced from one end of the Toronto strip club to the other. Jason smiled, flirted and sometimes stopped to chat with customers as he completed one circuit of the building after another. He used his charisma and his nude dances on stage to interest the clubs clientele to accompany him to the upstairs room for a private lap dance.

Besides his briefs, Jason wore only a pair of white socks and an expensive pair of running shoes. His only adornment, if you want to call it that, were three rubber bands wrapped around his left wrist. The bands were a functional part of his stripper outfit. They kept him hard.

Business was slow so Jason found an empty table and decided to take a break. To relieve his boredom, Jason removed the rubber bands and placed them on the table. He fashioned them into an erotic sculpture for his own amusement. He grinned as he looked down at his rubber band balls and cock abstract art.

A few minutes before Jason was scheduled to perform on stage, he ducked into a back room. Once there he quickly lowed his briefs and massaged his penis and played with his testicles. He needed to get a hard-on fast. He thought about something that always excited him. He called up a mental picture of his boyfriend Lance. Jason closed his eyes and imagined Lance nude in bed with his legs spread with a throbbing erect cock. He loved sucking on his boyfriend's dick almost as much as being on the receiving end of a butt massage from Lance.

When Jason got hard, he removed the bands from his wrist. The first band he wrapped around the base of his balls then placed the two remaining bands at the base of his cock. He pulled his briefs back up and noted the huge bulge in his underwear grown to an enormous 8 ½ inch erection. Jason never liked the feel of the rubber bands around his gonads but he did like the effect. The rubber tourniquet kept him hard while on his ten minute shifts on stage.

When Jason heard the club's DJ announce his name, he mounted the stage and began his set to the sounds of Britney Spears "Toxic". He drew energy from the song and his body came alive as his dick grew even harder. He would dance one song in his briefs and dance the second naked. Jason scanned the club and looked for a potential customer to invite for a private dance after he got off stage. Since Jason was not paid by the club, the only money he earned came from tips and private dances. Jason caught the attention of a man sitting stage side. The two gazed into each other’s eyes and they were locked there for the entire set.

Jason walked over to the customer, pulled down the back of his Calvin's, and exposed his bare ass. The customer smiled as Jason spent the rest of the set reeling in his new client. At the start of the second song, Jason had both his hands down his briefs. Thirty seconds later he was struggling to get his underpants down his legs and over his shoes. His customer focused his total concentration on Jason's bobbing cock. Jason licked his fingers and run then up and down his hard-on. He produced a little extra salvia which he rubbed across the head of his cock and allowed the overflow to drip to the floor.

When his set was over, Jason went to the back room to remove the rubber bands and changed into a jock strap. Jocks were a favourite of Jason because they both emphasised his manhood and showed off his butt. The customer was already standing at his table when Jason approached him for a private dance. Jason took the client by his hand and led him to the back of the club and up a steep flight of stairs. They stopped at what looked like a small ticket counter. The customer was asked for two dollars. Jason was handed a key to a locked green booth. The client sat down on a bench while Jason locked the door.

Jason quickly removed his jock strap and stood on a ledge opposite his customer. He watched as Jason stroked his own cock and got an erection. Jason let the customer fondle his balls and stroke his cock a minute before turning around and presenting his butt to his customer. The client grabbed a butt cheek in each hand. Jason figured someone at the club must have tipped him on how sensitive Jason's butt was and how much it aroused him to have someone give him a butt massage. Jason's hardon returned and this time he needed no rubber bands to maintain it.

The customer continued with the intense massage of Jason's butt. Jason began to sweat and to start to feel a little weak in the knees. All that he could think about was the glorious sensation in his groin and the overpowering need to cum. Jason locked his hand around his cock and jacked off. He moaned as he shot his load on the wall of the small green cubical.

When he turned around to face the man that made him feel so good, he was still dripping semen. The two held each other in a long hug. Jason collected his twenty five Canadian dollars, pulled his jock back on, opened the door to the private dance booth, and began his search for another partner.

The End

A superb original story by one of our members here at briefsbook. Maybe if we all like the story enough, we can entice Gregg to write a few more 'Briefs' related stories for us!

Maybe even an ongoing 'Briefs' adventure with a monthly addition/update .... that'd be pretty kewl!

And if there are any more budding writers out there in 'Briefs World' who'd also like to send us a short story to publish here on, then send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'd be more than happy to share the story with all the 'Briefsters' ;0)

Rubber Band Men

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