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Briefs Buddy, Part 3

Briefs Buddy, Part 3

By Underwearluvr

Both lads worked hard for the next hour or so under broiling sun. Dave was aware of the sound of the lawnmower and then the hedge trimmer as Matt got to grips with the large garden. He in turn had to concentrate hard on fitting the sides and back piece of his cabinet together and this effort took his mind, at least for now, off the fit lad next door. The two lads' cocks eased back as they worked away.

Once the cabinet structure was in place, Dave realised that the sun was really now too hot to continue the task outdoors. He stood away from the mobile workbench to admire what he had done and took off the leather apron. There was no sound from next door, so he strolled across to the fence to see what was happening. What he saw caused an instant erection. Matt was kneeling at the edge of a flower bed and weeding it with the help of a small hand fork. As he leaned forward, the waistband and a couple of inches of his briefs were visible. They were white Calvins, the motto running round the waistband in full view.

Although Dave loved just about everything to do with briefs one of his biggest turn-ons was the sight of a waistband riding above jeans or shorts. It was the tantalising nature of the thing. What would a full sight of the briefs be like? What sort of package would they be covering? How well worn were they, and what sexy smells might they contain? All these and other questions arose in Dave's mind, but all of them compressed into a lustful feeling which thickened his throat and his cock at the same time.

"Time for a drink and a rest" he said, aware of and embarrassed by his own husky voice.

"Great" replied Matt. "I'm just about done here."

"Come round the front if you want. I'll just fetch a couple of lagers." Dave turned away and into the house, glad to hide the massive tenting in his briefs.

Matt stood up, the top of his Calvins still visible but now rucked up a bit. He pulled them further up to straighten them, making them even more prominent above his shorts, and then released the waistband with a satisfying twang. He put the garden tools away and locked the shed, then went over to the fence, put both hands on top of a post, and vaulted across to Dave's side.

Dave was just emerging with the beers. In the kitchen he had decided to hell with worrying about his hard-on. He was what he was, and he sensed that Matt was not a censorious type. As he walked across to the garden table, he checked as he saw the extra stretch of Calvins above Matt's shorts, and also as he took in the evident bulge inside them. His was not the only tent pole in the garden!

The lads settled down to enjoy their beers, gulping them down in view of the heat. Matt asked about Dave's business, how long he had lived there and how he got on with the Browns. Then, with some reticence, he broached the subject uppermost on his mind.

"So this t-shirt, mate - 'time for briefs ' - what's that all about? " he asked gently.

Dave explained that, as Matt would have noticed, he was not wearing anything to cover his briefs. In fact, as often as he could, which included pretty much the whole time he was indoors, he just wore briefs because he felt more relaxed and fulfilled that way. He didn't elaborate further but could sense, from Matt's thoughtful expression, that the lad understood.

After a short pause, Matt in turn said that he too used every opportunity to be in his briefs. As he lived with his parents and two younger brothers this was not so easy but after he'd gone up to his own room for the evening he'd take off his jeans, choose a pair of briefs from the pile and slip them on. He couldn't explain it, but he just felt happiest that way. (He did not, Dave noted, say what he did with the underpants he'd been wearing but Dave thought it wisest not to ask. He hoped there might be a time to explore that in the future.)

Dave felt strangely reassured and even inspired by this conversation. Someone who understood. Someone who would not criticise. Someone who felt the same joy in briefs that he felt himself.

Whilst Dave was thinking about this, Matt said that, regrettably, it was time for him to go. He had to get to the gym and then had two more gardens to do that afternoon. However he would be back at the Browns the next day, and then was awarding himself an afternoon off. Would Dave be around? Yes, was the answer - he looked forward to seeing Matt then.

"Could I ask a couple of favours, mate? " asked Matt.

"Fire away" came the reply.

"Do you have a spare t-shirt with the briefs message on it? And if so could I buy it off you?"

"Yes, as it happens I do. It’s only an old one. And you're welcome to it, free of charge. What was the other thing?"

"I need to change into my Lycra shorts for the gym, and as I'm on the bike it would make sense to do that here - is that o.k.? "

"Sure," said Dave. "I'll go and get the shirt."

He went inside and up to his bedroom where he quickly found the spare t-shirt. It was washed and ironed, and the legend, though faded after much use, was still legible. Dave felt flattered that Matt liked the t-shirt and pleased that now its important message in praise of briefs would be seen on another hot torso, not just his own. He'd also spotted that he and Matt were roughly the same build so the size should be o.k.

As he went back outside Matt was just leaping the fence back into the garden, this time with a saddle bag. Dave handed him the t-shirt and Matt thanked him, checking that Dave really was happy to give it away. Then he went over to the table, took some things out of his bag and removed his boots. He took off his shorts, which Dave found gave his eyes a feast and his prick an electric charge, and to Dave's surprise he then stripped off his Calvins also. The sight of Matt's perfect white arse almost tipped Dave over the edge, but he managed with great difficulty to keep control. Swiftly, his back all the time turned to Dave, Matt put on a black pair of 2xist briefs followed by his Lycra shorts and topped off by his new t-shirt. Finally he put on some trainers and stuffed his boots and shorts into the saddle bag.

Dave told him how good the shirt looked on him, and , after a short pause, added that the Lycra shorts picked out the line of his 2xists very clearly. Matt responded with a sheepish smile, which Dave found endearing.

"Can I use the toilet before I go, mate?" asked Matt.

"Of course - straight through the house and on the right."

Dave was left with a twitching cock, tenting briefs and a strange sense of contentment for the few moments before Matt reemerged. He had expected a great morning, with all the pleasure of being in his briefs outdoors, but he had never expected anything quite like this. Matt came out again and picked up his bag.

"Thanks for the beer, the t-shirt and your company this morning, Dave. See you tomorrow!"

"Till tomorrow - and wear that shirt with pride!"

"Sure will!"

And with that, Matt leaped back over the fence and disappeared.

Dave stood thoughtfully for a moment and then slowly walked into the house.

To be continued ...

Part 3 of a superb original fictional story by briefsbook member Underwearluvr.

Further parts to follow soon.

If there are any more budding writers out there in 'Briefs World' who'd also like to send us a short story to publish here on, then send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'd be more than happy to share the story with all the 'Briefsters' ;0)

Briefs Buddy, Part 3

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