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Briefs Buddy, Part 2

Briefs Buddy, Part 2

By Underwearluvr

As light filtered into the room, Dave emerged from a deep and satisfying sleep. At first he had to remind himself that the guy lying next to him was real and not just the fragment of a dream still pushing up from his subconscious. But the sight of Matt, in his figure hugging and cum-soaked FTLS, was real all right, deliciously real. And Dave smiled to himself.

His own well drenched Hanes clung sweetly to his cock, and the heady smell of jizz from yesterday's briefs his own and Matt's - as they lay next to his face on the pillow was intoxicating. Dave realised that, unless he took firm control, his dick would be raging away again and there could be only one outcome. That was a prospect he relished but first he needed time to think and to make sense of the last forty-eight hours. How had they seen the coming into his life of a man with the same passion for underwear as he himself had had all his life - his own briefs buddy?

So with huge effort he repressed the sexual stirrings which the sights and smells and omnipresent briefs of his bedroom provoked, and he forced his mind to concentrate on the incredible things which had happened to him over the past two days.

It had been Monday morning when it all kicked off. Dave's next door neighbours had left the day before for a month's holiday abroad as they did every year at this time in the summer. This was always a red letter day in Dave's calendar. Not that he disliked his neighbours- in fact he had always got on with them well. But their departure gave him a chance to indulge in one of his favourite pleasures, something which he found deeply satisfying and highly erotic. It allowed him to work outdoors wearing just his briefs.

By now it will be clear that Dave was a briefs and underpants fanatic. He had had this passion from childhood, he had a massive collection of briefs and his sex life was wholly focused on underwear. As a young single gay man, with his own house and business, he had plenty of opportunities to indulge his love of briefs. At home it was his practice never to wear trousers, shorts or jeans indoors, but just a pair of white briefs, along with t-shirt, trainers and white socks and in winter a sweater on top. 

There were just two problems he had had to overcome. If someone knocked at the door, he had to open it carefully and keep the lower part of his body out of sight whilst he spoke to them, or sometimes he would pull on a pair of jeans he kept by the door for this very purpose. Secondly, his briefs had no pockets. Dave had considered sewing patches on some of his briefs to store things in, but had never got round to this. Instead, he would use a t-shirt pocket  or he would shove a hanky, keys or  coins   down the front of his briefs. He found the shock of cold metal on cock and balls quite stimulating at first and then quickly got used to it. 

Dave was a carpenter by trade, and had plenty of demand for his work. Quite a bit of it he could handle in his own garage, next to the house and with a connecting door so it was his invariable practice to work there in his briefs. If he needed to protect his legs, groin and upper body from wood splinters and other dangers he would wear a long leather apron. Nothing would persuade Dave to wear trousers when he did not have to, and at odd times in the day he would find his hands drifting round to his briefs just to stroke them, or to stroke his bum, or his cock, or his balls, or all three, through his briefs.

What he always wanted to do, but could only do once a year, was to work outside in his briefs. His house was very secluded, and not overlooked by any other property than that of his next door neighbours. Yet that meant that, so long as they were there, outdoor activity in underpants was off limits. This was something Dave greatly regretted as he found the breeze around the top of his legs strangely stirring, there was an excitement to the very idea of being outside in his underwear, whilst for a man whose life was meant to be lived in briefs having any part of that prevented seemed just wrong. 

Well, the day for briefs outside had finally arrived and Dave leapt at his chance. He chose a pair of well used Jockeys for his first sally outdoors, pairing them with a t-shirt on which he had had printed "Life is short : it's time for briefs." He rammed on socks and trainers, had a quick breakfast, and then started to set up his workbench in the back garden. It was a glorious sunny day, and Dave relished the feel of sunshine and the slight movement of the wind around his briefs. It was as if the air was getting in amongst his pubes, his cock and his balls and gently massaging them through the fabric of the briefs. The delicious sensation had its inevitable effect and Dave felt his dick thicken slightly and grow.

The job he was working on was a new cabinet for some people in the locality and Dave applied himself hard to his task, trying to ignore what was happening in his underpants. He concentrated on his measurements, planing the surfaces and getting all the joints to fit. He was skilled at his craft and took pride in it too.

Whilst working he had had to wear the leather apron but after a couple of hours he needed a break, took it off and went inside for a glass of water. On returning he sat down at an outside table to chill and let himself focus on the joy of being outside in his briefs. Inevitably his hand moved to his crotch and started to play with his cock through the briefs. He felt relaxed and happy. 

Just then, he was surprised to hear the side gate of next door's house creak open. He knew they kept it locked. Dave got up to check, ignoring the fact he was in his briefs with a semi- hard on. As he peered over the fence he saw a young lad, maybe twenty years old, walk through the gate and into the garden. The lad did not see Dave at first, so Dave was able to take a good look at him without appearing intrusive. He was wearing a tight pair of shorts, no top, and socks and boots. He was about six feet tall,  in excellent shape, well muscled and well tanned, evidently as a result of open air work. He walked over to the garden shed, and unlocked the door. Clearly, he was there legitimately, and as he removed the lawn mower it was obvious that he was the gardener.

Dave thought he had better make his presence known. "Hi" he said. "I didn't realise the Browns had a gardener. I'm Dave, by the way, the next door neighbour."

As the lad turned to him, Dave was glad the fence blocked the view of his crotch as his cock lurched forward and began to tent his briefs. The young man was drop-dead gorgeous, blue eyes, curly fair hair and the face and body of a young Adonis.

"Sorry if I surprised you" the lad replied in a firm, masculine voice. "I'm Matt. Yes, the Browns have decided this garden is getting a bit too much for them, and I'll be looking after it from now on. Thought I'd make a start on it today." 

"Well, good to meet you" said Dave. "If you need to know where anything is just ask. You'll find it a hot day for work, so if you want a drink give us a shout."

"Thanks" replied Matt, with a broad smile as he looked approvingly at Dave's fit body. "Might just take you up on that!"

Dave turned away, hiding his hard-on, but not the fact that he was wearing just his briefs. Little did he know the wide-eyed wonder with which Matt took in the sight of his Jockeys and the way Dave's sexy arse filled them. Dave was relieved to get his apron back on to cover the evidence of his own excitement, but would have been amused to know that Matt was in exactly the same state. Also, he had forgotten the message on his t-shirt , and the effect it might have on anyone who saw it. Matt was intrigued about a “time for briefs" . Clearly Dave was a man who liked to be in his briefs. What else might his t-shirt reveal about him?

To be continued ...

Part 2 of a superb original fictional story by briefsbook member Underwearluvr.

Further parts to follow soon.

If there are any more budding writers out there in 'Briefs World' who'd also like to send us a short story to publish here on, then send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'd be more than happy to share the story with all the 'Briefsters' ;0)

Briefs Buddy, Part 2

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    good teaser at end- mm what would i do?/lol


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