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A journey into Briefs

A journey into Briefs

And getting over “the Stigma”!

I was born in the late 80’s. It seems like most guys my age started out in white briefs right out of diapers. It was considered the standard, normal style of underwear. Most likely fruit of the loom and Hanes.

Fast forward to the time I was about to enter middle school. Changing in gym class was a requirement. My brother told me I better get boxers because guys who still wore “tighty whities” were teased relentlessly. I remember how much I hated boxer shorts. The feeling of zero support and legs riding up. I hated the material to most boxers were a rough type of cotton. But I reluctantly switched and put up with them to “fit in”. Once I started gym class I saw that my brother was not wrong. The boys still in “tighty whities” were mocked and even given wedgies. It really was unfair, especially for kids from low income families. White briefs were the cheapest option and their families couldn’t afford to buy them boxers.

I continued wearing boxer briefs until my mid to late twenties. I think there was always a curiosity in the back of my mind about what it would be like wearing briefs again. That “stigma” from the initial teasing years back prevented me from switching back. Plus the overall attitude of society that briefs cannot be a valid underwear option for men. Briefs, especially white briefs have always been an ongoing joke in movies and television shows.

That “stigma” stuck with me so much that when I first started wearing briefs I would only wear them on my days off of work. I was afraid that someone would see the lines through my pants. I realised that it was such a foolish attitude to have. I no longer wanted society to dictate what I was going to wear. About 3 years ago I finally threw away the rest of my boxer briefs. It felt good to just be myself and become a full time briefs wearer again.

I am not at all shy about my briefs anymore(well before this quarantine). I regularly change in the locker room. No one seems to care or says anything even if I feel like I am the only guy under the age of 45 in briefs. Perhaps a guy my age or younger might see me in them and that will be the final push for them to try wearing briefs. I’ve even had a few food or UPS deliveries and I went to the door in briefs and a t shirt.

I have some hope that the “briefs stigma” Is starting to come to an end. Many companies that are marketed towards a young straight demographic have begun selling briefs online again. American eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie are some that I can think of. If you read the reviews online there are guys who have said it is their first time in years trying briefs. And some mention that their wives or girlfriends like how they look in them. I have noticed that trunks are very common now. It’s almost as if guys want to wear briefs again but don’t want to be “weird” or “gay” so they settle for trunks. Trunks in my opinion are even worse than boxer briefs functionality wise because the ride up is terrible.

There is a YouTube channel called the Kavalier. One video is titled “real men wear briefs”. Jon is a straight married man in his 30’s. He talks about how he has gone back to briefs because they are the most comfortable, stylish underwear. He encourages other men to try them again and get over their issues.

Men should wear whatever they want and not worry about what is perceived as being acceptable. I hate that it took me so long to discover that but better late than never. I will be writing 2 more articles. One on speedos and one on thongs, both of which are even more taboo and stigmatised than briefs.

Story submitted by: Paul78591

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  • romuluso

    24 April 2020 at 23:59 | #

    Kavalier def did us a solid posting that vid. Like he said, own it. Wear your briefs and be proud.


  • Briefslad

    18 April 2020 at 12:38 | #

    I think you are totally correct that the 'briefs stigma is coming to an end, if not already ended. There seems to be many more guys returning to briefs and also younger guys trying them out for the first time. Plus they seem to be stocked on the shop shelves more often too.

    The youtuber you mention 'Kavalier' seems well taken with them too and I have to say looks mighty fine wearing them!

    And YES, "men should wear whatever they want" whether that be Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Y-Fronts, Jockstrap or indeed thongs! It shouldn't matter.... although in my opinion briefs are definitely the best ;0)


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